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Happy Lockdown, people!

We are still here – read on … !

Amazing tips to succeed in face painting!


Here at Façade Academy, we haven’t been standing still during lockdown! We have developed a brilliant and popular selection of online mini classes for you to follow.

Visit the Academy Facebook page and check out the Tips@2 playlist to level up your skills.  And join us at 2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the latest Tips@2!

Something for everyone:

  • linework
  • sponging
  • dots
  • animals
  • tribals
  • butterflies
  • flora
  • superheroes
  • … and much, much more to come!

Our usual schedule of face-to-face classroom tuition has been suspended for the moment (though we have left the details on the website so you can see what we normally offer).

For the moment, we are offering 1-2-1 online classes and group teaching via Zoom.  If you would like to take part, please get in touch and let us know which subjects you’re interested in.

Face Painting Diploma

Learn to paint in 5 days!

See here for details

Learn how to face paint like a professional 

Simply join Façade Academy’s regular scheduled face painting classes and bodyart workshops given by award-winning artists in Hertfordshire every week of the term.

Here, our instructors cover:

  • Face painting for all occasions – learn to paint fabulous faces for children’s and adult parties and events
  • Make-up – expand your skill set
  • Body painting – the basics of all-over decoration and illusion
  • Airbrush techniques – a new chapter for body painters
  • Groups – bespoke face painting training for groups
  • Individuals – private tuition
  • Specialist courses – with guest instructors
  • CPD – Continuing Professional Development – for university and college lecturers and teachers of Media Make-Up courses
  • Façade Academy On the Road – we will bring classes and workshops to you. We continue to provide specialist training throughout the UK and Europe.

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body!”  I hear you say… Don’t worry. I’ve taught many students who hadn’t picked up a brush since school. Now they are running their own successful businesses.

Had your arm twisted to face paint at the school fair?  We can show you how to impress the head teacher, contribute to the school funds and make the children smile with your Tigers and Butterflies!

At Façade Academy…

  • We aim for the highest standards in the industry by using experienced and widely respected, award-winning instructors at the top of their field
  • You will be taught the essential foundation skills by starting where it matters, at the beginning, and building on each acquired skill in order to gain confidence.
  • You can feel safe in the knowledge that safety, health and hygiene are always in mind. We use only professional products compliant with FDA regulations,
  • You will find a friendly, relaxed and creative atmosphere in class and we encourage individuality by helping and supporting each other
  • We limit numbers to 8 students ensuring individual attention – no more than 8 per class or we bring in another assistant
  • You will achieve new skills, find new friends, gain greater confidence and perhaps a new business life in the creative sector
  • Now including a free Mini Face Painting palette for the Beginners class Module 1 & 2
  • You have questions? We are always willing to listen and can be flexible according to your needs
  • You can ring anytime and talk to a friendly human!
  • You can keep in touch and join our Facebook page and Facebook support group, where you’ll meet the growing community of face painters around the world

Are you ready to follow that dream?

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