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COVID and Face Painting – Practicalities

Webinar: Thurs. 30th July, 8pm 

How do we get back in the game??!!

  • Are you worried about how to proceed?
  • Don’t know how to clean your brushes?
  • Should you spray your paints with alcohol and if so what kind – 70% or 99% – and why?
  • Should I wear a mask?
  • What about double dipping my sponges?
  • How can I wash my hands – or should I wear gloves?

In this webinar, I hope to reassure you and your clients with some practical tips and offer some methods based on my research.

There are still some grey and unknown areas, and guidance changes all the time. However, I can help you with information on how to disinfect your brushes quickly, your use of sponges, cleaning your hands, keeping your working area clean and other useful tips. I can’t make the decision on when and if you start but I can help you with some methods and safe practice to proceed if you choose to. I will allow plenty of time for questions throughout.

Book here Early Bird ticket £10 until midnight Sunday 26th July, then £12

We want you to be comfortable and relaxed so that you can enjoy our new online classes.  Each class will last 2 hours, with time for questions and interaction. We’ll be using Zoom, and will send full instructions beforehand so you can be confident with the technology. In each module, I will demonstrate different methods and you can practice alongside and ask questions as we go. Classes will be limited to 10 people so I can give students individual attention.  You will need paint, sponges, brushes and a practice board or paper to work on.