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Neons Masterclass





Neons are so useful!


  • great for making bold and striking designs that all the parents ooh and aah over 

  • fabulous for teens and adults at night-time parties and clubs

  • bright and cheerful in the sunlight at festivals and outdoor events

  • useful for adding smaller spotlights to lift a design

  • perfect for switch-swiping for green leaves 

  • fantastic for adding spectacular background colour to any design


But do you know how to get the best out of neons?


In this masterclass, Linda Baker will show you how to use neon paints to really make your designs stand out from the crowd.



Neons Masterclass


Thursday 20th June 2024

8pm UK time



What you will learn …


  • working with UV paint alone; mixing UV with regular paint
  • basing and linework (UV on regular; black on UV)
  • inventive use of light and shade
  • the importance of lighting and cleanliness

You’ll also benefit from Linda’s expertise in creating bold striking designs – working on models, she’ll be showcasing different approaches to UV painting, enabling you to really expand your repertoire in this area.





I first met Linda around ten years ago at a body painting festival.  Straight away I realised the excellence of her skills, the breadth of her imagination and her eye-popping originality.  Since that time, she has expanded her repertoire and I now consider her one of the best artists in the UK.  Her neon designs are spectacular, and I’m really looking forward to learning from her in this masterclass.’      Juliet Eve,  Facade Academy Principal


Book now for the live online masterclass with Linda Baker


Thursday 20th June 2024

8pm UK time

Only £15 



Please note: this is a LIVE ONLINE class, and no recording will be available.  Please only book if you are able to attend the live class.

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