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I’m so excited to finally announce my new venture

FAM Club

Facade Academy Members Club



The FAM-tastic way to realise your face painting potential

With weekly LIVE classes and one-to-one feedback, this is a face painting platform like no other.

Who is FAM Club for?  FAM Club is for you if…

✨  You would like some personal support in your learning journey…

At FAM Club, we are live every week *.  You see me and I see you!  It’s a real interactive experience. PLUS you will get personal feedback from me and my team of expert instructors on your weekly practice.

(*As I’m a working face painter, there may be occasions when I am unable to present the class live, in which case I will either engage another instructor or prerecord a class.)

✨  You want to practice more, but feel confused and overwhelmed with the vast array of online libraries and pre-recorded videos…

Your monthly membership opens the door to a one-stop shop for all your face painting training.  With our guidance every step of the way, everything will be simple and achievable – you’ll follow a clear path, gaining skills one by one, week by week and getting big results faster.

✨  You are looking to meet and share with other like-minded face painters…

We are a FAM-ily! There is nothing quite like the community of face painters!  We just love sharing our work, hopes, fears and dreams, and our passion for face painting.   You’ll join our private Facebook group – a safe space to share, where we can support each other on our creative journey.


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