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Personal Paint Path


Personal Paint Path 

a clear, simple, easy to follow guide

to becoming the artist you want to be


*** Want to be an exceptional and original face painter?

*** Overwhelmed by numerous face painting platforms and tutorials?

*** Looking for top-notch techniques and eye-popping designs?

*** Searching for the best, fastest route to your destination?



Discover your own


Personal Paint Path 

into the wonderful world of face painting!


Are you overwhelmed by the huge range of classes to follow?   

I understand. Especially for beginners, it seems as if there are so many classes available – a vast array of platforms with thousands of pictures and videos – so many resources – but where do you start?


To solve this problem, I’ve put together a unique system – the Personal Paint Path.


You start at the beginning, ticking off the steps as you go, and at the end you’ll be able to paint faces!  Everything you need to paint professionally is found within the Paint Path – from choosing your paint and brushes, to painting a tiger or butterfly, to setting up and advertising your business.


And the best thing is – you can pick up the path wherever you are in your face painting journey.  Beginners start at the beginning, more experienced painters can join at whatever stage they need, or use the downloadable checklist to fill in any gaps in their skills and knowledge.  A truly Personal Paint Path.


Paint Path is part of  FAM Club – the Facade Academy Members’ Club.  To find out more, click the button below, and get ready to follow the rainbow to your pot of gold!