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12 tips for keeping cool this summer.

Phew what a scorcher!  We all love the sunshine, but the heat can cause problems for working face painters.  Read my 12 top tips for keeping your cool this summer!


  1. Decant paint into smaller pots so that all your paints don’t end up soft. Make sure you let them dry out thoroughly after each job.
  1. It’s not recommended to put your paints on ice blocks, as it causes condensation to form on them, which makes them mushier. For the same reason, don’t put them in the fridge or freezer.
  1. Sweaty faces can cause paints to run – it might be better to offer arm painting instead of faces. Alternatively, you could offer glitter tattoos and temporary hair braids.
  1. You may like to look into, using waterproof / alcohol-based paints like Pro Air or Star Blends. It’s another investment, but may be worth it if you work regularly in a hot climate.
  1. Try to set up your station in the shade or under a tree, not in direct sun , so that you, your customer and your paints are a bit cooler. Ideally try to work inside.
  1. If you use a gazebo, leave off the sides so that you get the advantage of any breeze. However, keep one or two sides handy to create shade if necessary.
  1. However busy you are, look after yourself – take time to drink. Fill empty water bottles 2/3 full, freeze, then top up with water before gigs so you always have cool water to drink. And don’t forget to eat as well! Be aware of symptoms of heat stroke/exhaustion and be sure to take regular breaks.
  1. You may be cooler in a dress (maybe with shorts underneath for comfort) rather than trousers, and wear ventilated shoes/sandals instead of trainers. Keep yourself cool with a rechargeable desk fan or a neck fan.
  1. Freeze a bucket of water (or the biggest container that will fit in your freezer) and put the frozen bucket in front of your fan – the air it blows towards you will be much cooler (well, at least for an hour or two).
  1. A damp towel or flannel on the back of your neck can cool you down quickly.
  1. Spray your neck and arms with your water mister each time you spray your paints!
  1. Take frozen ice packs in a cool-box – you can tuck one behind your back for a quick cool-down.


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