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Brush-Up #1: Round, Dagger & More

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Wanting to up your game? Trouble loading your paint? Trying to master your tiger stripes? Not sure how to use ‘that’ brush? Sick of your usual swirls? Looking for some new linework?

Imagine you had a whole new selection of brushstrokes! Take this opportunity now! You can master those skills!

In this online Zoom class, we will cover the following topics:

Round brush

  • loading
  • perfect TTT
  • leaves
  • tiger stripe
  • swirl
  • spiral
  • opera
  • swan
  • heartsease
  • teardrop back & forth
  • switch swipe
  • running dog
  • Elizabethan
  • tip-toe

Dagger brush

  • whiskers
  • curly hair
  • tiger stripes
  • ribbons
  • teeth
  • feathers
  • butterfly edging
  • one-stroke use
  • butterflies
  • waves

Together with Brush-Up #2: Petal, Liner and More, this class will expand your repertoire of brush and line work.

We want you to be comfortable and relaxed so that you can enjoy our new online classes.  Each class will last 2 hours, with time for questions and interaction. We’ll be using Zoom, and will send full instructions beforehand so you can be confident with the technology. In each module, I will demonstrate different methods and you can practice alongside and ask questions as we go. Classes will be limited to 10 people so I can give students individual attention.  You will need paint, sponges, brushes and a practice board or paper to work on.