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Castaway on a Desert Island (AKA Isolation)

Castaway on a Desert Island (AKA Isolation)

Hello lovely people!

It’s time to release The Crow.

I hope this may brighten your day and you can begin to feel the simple creative joy of painting.

Inspiration from a night worker

This morning I received an inspiring message from one of my previous students.  I have great admiration for her as someone who has put all her energy into learning and practicing face painting day and night!  More often nights, as that’s when she mainly works – with a mini-kit beside her in between those important calls.  She also holds the world record for attending the most number of classes and conventions!  Laverne, thank you. xx

Castaway in isolation

Some of you may know that I have a favourite face painting brush which I call my ‘Desert Island’ brush.  It is the Loew Cornell 7430 Flora Round No.6 with the green band.  I named it after the BBC Radio 4 programme called Desert Island Discs, in which well-known people choose their eight favourite recordings which they would take with them when castaway on a desert island.  They are also allowed one book (as well as the Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare) and one luxury item…

As you may have guessed – my luxury item would be this brush.  It is from the ‘La Corneille’ series which means Crow.

A poem is born

One day about 3 years ago, in the midst of creating a Facebook post explaining its amazing qualities, the variety of shapes and lines it can create, I realised I had a rhythm going and the poem you read below evolved.  I have delayed publishing it until now – this time of isolation, like being on a desert island all alone, seemed appropriate.

I hope you enjoy the poem, and that it inspires you to your own creativity.

Castaway on a Desert Island (AKA Isolation)