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Crucial Classics – Module 3 (Diploma)

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This is the natural progression from Foundation Modules 1 and 2. You will begin to extend your artistic vocabulary and gain confidence.

We will look at perfecting and honing techniques. Your instructor will demonstrate many of the techniques below by painting some of the popular classic face painting designs. You will then practice them under the instructor’s guidance.

The range of topics covered on this course depends on group skill levels and special interests. On the day, students will address subjects drawn from the following list:

•    blending 3 or more colours with sponges
•    control of consistency of paint
•    exploring the many variations of brushstrokes
•    achieving the challenge of a smooth white base
•    introducing more advanced shading techniques
•    varied floral designs, extending teardrops and twirls
•    close observation and the theory of the choice of focal points
•    theory and practice of highlights and lowlights
•    achieving speedier painting
•    what makes a balanced and attractive design
•    looking at colour, complimentary and contrasting, flat, colour and neon
•    choosing appropriate colours for different skin tones

We will also cover the requirements for the membership assessment of FACE, the International Face Painting Association.

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