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Face Painting Diploma / Diploma Pro

Façade Academy offers an all-inclusive five-module face painting Diploma for beginners.  Spaced over several weeks, the modules will take you from absolute beginner to confident painter ready to embark on a professional career. Hands-on practical experience under the personal guidance of a face-to-face tutor will save you months of frustration via trial and error.

‘I cannot emphasise enough the importance of building strong foundations and creating good habits to enable you to progress more quickly and freely.  The 5 days give students a much more in-depth experience of the basic techniques, and more time to put the new skills into practice under the guidance of the instructor.’                    Juliet Eve, Façade Academy Principal

The Diploma consists of the following modules:

  • Modules 1 & 2 – Foundation
  • Module 3 – Crucial Classics
  • Module 4 – Flowers  Flourishes
  • Module 5 – Mainly Monsters

If you also take Module 6 (Business Basics), you will achieve Diploma Pro

“Fantastic 2 day training course with the ‘Guru of the Brushes’ Juliet.  Excellent tuition and guidance and so much advice on things I hadn’t even thought about – particularly the importance of posture.  Since completing the first 2 modules with Juliet last week, my creative juices are flowing!  I feel like I’m unlocking the creative part of my brain now.  Since being made redundant, it’s also lovely to not worry about what is around the corner … instead I’m thinking about curves, swirls, stars….Spiderman!!!  Never thought I would be face painting tigers, butterflies and flowers after one day and I made some fabulous new friends too! Can’t wait to join the next course!”                                                                                                      Joey Sharma, Academy student

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