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Face Painting Open Day 2019

Facade Academy Open Day: Learn to face paint like a professional

September 2019 – have you booked your free ticket yet?

Here I sit, a tinsy bit excited with delicate butterflies in my tum!  Friday is our annual Open Day on 6th September, beginning of a new term – and Manda and I are working our socks off to make this a welcoming, friendly and informative day for you all.

I do understand how scary it can be for new students to simply turn up at class, not knowing what to expect, so this is an opportunity for the wannabee face painters to come along and meet me and all the instructors at the Façade Academy of Face and Body Art.

The last two years at the Open Day have been so much fun – more like a mini jam – certainly plenty of cake!  We developed a new idea of a Question Time for face painters ‘FPQT’ and judging by the number of questions it’s very valuable for both the new painters and the more experienced.  We made it a bit more challenging for the panel by giving them just two minutes each to answer – that certainly focusses the mind and stops the waffling!

The Academy is nationally respected in the face painting world. Judging by feedback from attendees and the online personal recommendations which I see on Social Media, we must be doing something right!

I am really looking forward to this day and to meeting lots of new faces as well as some of my alumni from the previous years.  Come and share some tea and sandwiches with us – See you there!

Facade Academy Face Painting Open Day Sept 2019:

face painting open day 2019



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