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Flowers and Flourishes – Module 4 (Diploma)


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I can’t stress this enough – If you have these basic brushstrokes and design principles, you can paint anything. You’ll be able to look at a picture and see how it’s been constructed and re-imagine it on the face in front of you, says Juliet Eve.

We recommend that you have some experience, ideally having completed the beginners’ Foundation Modules. There will be many resources and books available for inspiration.

Flowers are perennial favourites. You can learn how to do no end of species: roses, daises, lilies, cornflowers, dandelions, violets, wisteria, pansies, poppies, foxgloves, sunflowers, poinsettia, lavender… Then, of course, there are the swirls and all different shapes of leaves and foliage. The trick is always how to shape them in the fewest possible strokes.

Flourishes perform an essential part of face painting. We will learn swirls, drag ‘n’ drops, sweeps, loops, long and short teardrops, backwards and forwards, dots, fairy trails and markings of all sorts. The use of these is what makes the difference between an average painter and exceptional one!

Swirls – add curlicues and whorls, learn about Fibonacci and the secrets of spirals.

The course covers…

•    How to create different brushstrokes to make different flowers, leaves, teardrops, dots and swirls
•    Placement and focal point
•    blending pretty, feminine background colours
•    crowns and other princess flourishes
•    Use of books and pictures with unusual designs from around the world and how to incorporate them in to a face paint

Bring your ideas with you – either in a book or pictures in your mind. Only your imagination can stop you!

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