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COVID Fresh Start Pack


‘I hope this webinar will give us all the chance to reflect on some ideas and find our strength to move forward.’ (Juliet Eve, Principal of Facade Academy)

Welcome everyone!  Here you will find all the information in the Facade Academy FRESH START webinar pack.

Get a pen a paper, a cup of tea (or stronger), take a seat and prepare yourself for some enlightenment!

You are in for some illuminating research, a video to watch and a whole dossier of facts and figures!

We will be adding to this every so often, so feel free to come back when you like (just remember that password.) 😊

You will find below a link to a recording of our recent Zoom webinar which features Facade Academy Principal Juliet Eve, as well as Liz Bylett of FACE (The International Face Painting Association).

If you have any further questions, please join the Façade Academy Support Group on Facebook or email us at – we will do what we can to answer, or signpost you to more help.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar




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Links to government guidelines, industry guidance, background info etc



Sample risk assessment for you to edit to suit your own situation



Information from ICO regarding contact data



(questions about symptoms and close contact



(list of items for cleaning and protection)



Click here for details of the FACE / Beauty Guild accredited Infection Prevention and
Control course


Please check back regularly, as we will be updating the information and adding more links.