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It’s the busiest festival for face painters, but are you prepared? 
Do you know how to paint a zombie, a clown, a vampire or a sugar skull? 
Can you paint a spooky butterfly or fairy?
You need my Horrible Halloween course!


Each lesson is packed with useful theory, tips and designs.  I explain the theory behind each topic, and show you how to put the theory into practice on real designs.  There are also useful galleries of designs for inspiration.
  • skulls (anatomical and sugar skulls)
  • zombies (including wounds, stitches, eaten flesh, blood and gore)
  • kids’ designs
  • clowns (adult and children)
  • vampires and bats
  • spookified classics


The classes are pre-recorded and online – you can watch as many times as you like until the end of November.

Only £39