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Monsters Theory

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What makes someone look angry? What makes a creature look fierce?

In this class, you’ll learn the secrets to making onlookers scared!

This ever-popular class will show you the essential theory and techniques to make a fierce monster, dragon or dinosaur.

Once you have learnt these techniques, you can apply them to any face you want to add power and strength to a character.


Monsters A: Theory covers the following topics:

  • the Major Monster Marks
  • aging creases on eyes and forehead
  • shape changing noses
  • bags under the eyes
  • fearsome mouths
  • how to create teeth and horns
  • hollows and shading
  • highlighting
  • colour choices

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You might also be interested in Monsters B: Design, where you’ll learn how to apply the theory and techniques learned in Monsters A to your own designs. Taken together, these two classes will give you the tools and the confidence to unleash a monstrosity of monsters!

We want you to be comfortable and relaxed so that you can enjoy our new online classes.  Each class will last 2 hours, with time for questions and interaction. We’ll be using Zoom, and will send full instructions beforehand so you can be confident with the technology. In each module, I will demonstrate different methods and you can practice alongside and ask questions as we go. Classes will be limited to 10 people so I can give students individual attention.  You will need paint, sponges, brushes and a practice board or paper to work on.