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Mainly Monsters – Module 5 (Diploma)

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Once you’ve mastered the MMMs – the Major Monster Marks – you can bring a whole cast of fearsome monsters to life, says  Juliet Eve.

Are you struggling with designs to please the boys? This course will show you how to achieve some fearsome and scary faces. You’ll learn how to transform even the sweetest little child into a zombie, a monster from the deep or the latest superhero. (There will be many resources and books available for inspiration.)

We recommend that you have some experience, ideally having completed the beginner’s Foundation Modules.

Some of the topics covered on the course are:

•    the skull – learning the anatomy of the skull is the basis for any good monster (and very useful around Hallowe’en)
•    create expression using eyebrows and wrinkles
•    painting teeth and horns
•    shading and creating lines and creases
•    scales, warts, stubble and other skin textures using sponges, stencils and brushes

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