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Paradise Jam 2020

Face painting at Paradise Jam 2020

14 Years of Paradise Jam

What a day it was! Truly Jam Packed in Paradise!  This is my 14th year running the Paradise Jam – definitely one of THE dates on the face painting calendar.

So thrilled to see so many people there – over 250 attendees – face painters both newbies and oldies, who brought their family and friends and took advantage of the chance to marvel at the animals at the zoo as well – thanks to Paradise Wildlife Park.

Newbies are welcome!

I get a real buzz watching people walk in the door – some slightly nervous, some just excited – but within a few minutes they are browsing wide-eyed around the retailers’ stalls, ogling at new colours; puzzling at triangle-shaped brushes, petal-shaped sponges and egg-shaped brush cleaners.  However, in no time, someone has said ‘come and see my kit, I’ve got one of those – try it out!’ A new friend is made…

The next generation

We make sure this Jam is geared heavily towards the children – encouraging the future artists.  It’s half-term so a day out for them too.  They have their own fun competitions – face painting and headdresses.  The crazy character that is AJ entertained them with his balloons, disco dancing, puppets, bubble-blowing machines showering the children with snow – I didn’t quite brave the howls of laughter, squeals and screams to make it down to the end of the marquee, so didn’t see much of it first hand – but the feedback was wonderful!

Networking (AKA chatting!)

But essentially – face painters love to chat, support each other, compare brushes, decide the best yellow, how to paint the best crocuses, how to make a dragon look fierce, why that unicorn looks a bit…. umm… rude? Lol!  New people learn so much about the amazing community that is face painters.  They come to network, show off their talents, learn new skills, make new friends and rekindle old ones. We try to introduce new people to painters in their area – linking them up by adding their town to the name badges.

Look, look!

A big draw is the demonstrations by top artists from the UK.  Face painting, body painting, henna, bling, glitter, balloons – talented artists such as Zoe Thornbury- Phillips, Joanne Lucas-Stone (who created the amazing bodypart in our photo above) , Clemency Bedford, Erica Wafford, Jasmin Walsh, Amanda Careford, Caroline Young, Julia Harris, Clare Jeffrey, Fran Heaver and Louise Maloney.

Need, need! (OK,want, want…!)

Our faithful traders travel from far and wide across the UK – many generously sponsoring our competitions – this year – Magic Box, Phizart Bagz & Chair Wraps, Empress Print, Airbrush Body Art, Blingmania and Face the Rainbow were all in attendance and Rainbow Faces, 2meenie, Sally-Ann Lynch and Paintopia sent gifts and raffle prizes.

Check out the video!

You want more?!

There are a fair number of Jams throughout the UK and I love to support them all!  The UK Face & Body Painting Convention takes place bi-annually in October, the FACE Painting Association conference usually in March, others such as the Bath Body Art Festival, the Midlands Jam, The Kent Jam, the Cotswold Jam and also the Living Arts show in August Bank Holiday Weekend – all are a great excuse to meet your mates and put your paints out!

Save the date for our Open Day

The Façade Academy of Face & Body Art will be holding its annual Open Day on September 11th and you are all invited to a brilliant day of more demos to see the workings of this successful Academy, meet the instructors and join in our Question Time FPQT!  Challenge us…. (free lunch included!)

We really hope to see you all again at the next event!  Keep in touch with everything in this fabulous community by signing up to our newsletter.