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Thank you Facade Face Painting Students

Being very Grateful and Celebrating success!

body art painting coursesI want to thank all the wonderful enthusiastic students that have come through the doors of the Façade Academy since we opened!  You have all contributed to the building of the excellent reputation we have achieved within the face painting community.

It doesn’t seem 12 years ago when I started advertising regular classes – and now every term I’m teaching two scheduled days a week, plus some private tuition, not forgetting working every weekend at the Paradise Wildlife Park or other events and parties. 

Therefore, I have to discipline myself to have days off doing nothing!  However, I did manage to give myself 3 months in Australia and New Zealand last winter – all thanks to having such dedicated team supporting me and the business. 

So that is my main message today – we can’t possibly do everything ourselves – recognise your strengths and weaknesses and bring people in to make it happen!


Façade Academy of Face & Body Art

(Written by Juliet, uploaded by marketing and checked by Manda Management)

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