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The Paradise Jam

Paradise Jam 2020 face painting event

One of the face painting events of the year “Ooh, Sparkly thing!”

I’m always asked “What is a Jam?”

Picture a band of musicians casually gathering to play for the joy of it – the usual understanding of the word. Now replace the guitars and pianos with paint brushes and painty kits on tables and you are starting to picture the scene! The sounds change from music to the chattering of animated voices! Oldies, newbies and wannabees. Mums, dads, grandmas, sisters, brothers, babies and all.

Face painters love any excuse for a meet up – we share so much – all being passionate about art, designs, children and chat!

We drool over this person’s beautifully curated kit; exclaim with joy over one pot of vibrant blue paint; look in puzzlement at the use of a strange shaped brush; smile helplessly at a newly painted child gripping a mirror studying his reflection with pure innocent fascination; stand open-mouthed envying the skill of an experienced artist or desirously run our hands over the paint-laden retailers stands. Oh yes – more sparkly things that you could ever focus upon. Haha!

It’s a chance for everyone to have a go at their first or tenth competition with lots of excellent prizes to be won –newbies and experienced alike. Watch someone create a design on a body from start to finish, sit with a coffee and chin-wag with old friends, or be paired with a buddy to make new friends. So many painters come along to catch up with friends sometimes only seen once a year – but at Paradise we make every effort to make you feel welcome and introduce you to lots of people, particularly in your area of the country. Bring your kit, set up if you want or just go and watch any of the many demonstrations taking place throughout the day.

I’ve been running this Jam since 2006 and we seem to have found a recipe that works! One of the major attractions is that it takes place every year during the February half term so you can bring your children (and Nanny to look after them) and the price of the Jam includes entrance into the zoo as well! Bargain – big thanks to Paradise Wildlife Park owners for their generosity.

There is still more, much more happening too!

  • A children’s entertainer to keep the children happy.
  • An amazing raffle every year with some fantastic and valuable prizes – raising funds for The Big Cat Sanctuary.

Our theme for 2020 is highly topical – “Into the Rainforest ” We hope it inspires you.

Have a look at last year’s video brilliantly produced and filmed by Guy Thornbury-Phillips – we hope he’ll be back again for 2020.

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