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Beautiful Butterflies

Butterfly face paint – Façade AcademyNext class: TBA.  

Make your butterflies lift off the face, light as a feather! How happy are you with your Flutters?

They are one of my favourite things to paint, says Façade Academy principal Juliet Eve, but I know so many painters feel the butterflies are in their tummies when asked to do them! There are some essential pointers that you can learn very easily and, once enlightened, the metamorphosis will unfold in front of your eyes.

We will concentrate on the essential shape, locating the focal point, creating flow, identifying the best angles for the wings … All of which will help you achieve effortless elegance and lightness.

You will learn as many butterflies as I can show you in the time – plus, I will supply scores of pictures showing the different styles that I produce every day while working.

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