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Castaway on a Desert Island  (AKA Isolation)

Castaway on a Desert Island (AKA Isolation)

Hello lovely people! It’s time to release The Crow. I hope this may brighten your day and you can begin...

Face painting Paradise Jam 2020

Paradise Jam 2020

14 Years of Paradise Jam What a day it was! Truly Jam Packed in Paradise!  This is my 14th year...

The Paradise Jam

The Paradise Jam

One of the face painting events of the year “Ooh, Sparkly thing!” I’m always asked “What is a Jam?” Picture a...

face painting students

Thank you Facade Face Painting Students

Being very Grateful and Celebrating success! I want to thank all the wonderful enthusiastic students that have come through the doors...

face painting open day 2019

Face Painting Open Day 2019

Facade Academy Open Day: Learn to face paint like a professional September 2019 – have you booked your free ticket...